Monday, April 14, 2014

A Miracle Family

Dear Family and Friends,

So life is trucking along here in Ecuador. Our investigators that were baptized a couple weeks ago were confirmed today so that was nice. And we also found a miracle family! Last week, a dad with his daughter who had both gotten baptized a couple months ago in Guayaquil, showed up to the church for General Conference. So we talked with them and planned to go by later that night. Sadly, Elder Schneider got deathly ill and we were unable to go. So we finally made it by this last week. We found the Macias family and they're awesome! The dad and one of the daughters are members but his wife isn't and his 3 other sons who live in the house aren't. They are way cool and really like listening to us and are excited for their baptisms! We had been struggling to find new investigators so it was a great blessing and miracle to find them. The Lord really does take care of his missionaries.

Oh and it rained a ton yesterday. Like a lot... It just poured and poured. I thought we were gonna have to build the arc of Noah again and put all the missionaries in 2 by 2. Needless to say, we got really wet.

Enjoy the pictures I'm sending home. Most of them are from last week because I was unable to send pictures then. Life is good! Next week we have changes so I'm going to know where my last sector will be. Love ya all!

Elder Joshua Lee

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