Saturday, July 28, 2012

Peru Week 3

Hola Familia!

Que pasa? I'm having a ton of fun here in Peru. Today we got to go on a tour of Lima with the MTC president and his wife. That was a lot of fun! We got to see some way cool buildings and sights in Lima. We also got to go to a Pizza Hut! It was the first American food we've had since we've been here and it was delicious! Way better than Pizza Hut in the U.S. I also bought a soccer jersey, even though I'm not that into soccer, because I've got to have a soccer jersey in South America!

So not much new has happened here. We went proselyting outside the MTC again, but nothing really exciting happened this time. We didn't teach anyone because no one was home when we went to their house. The only kind of cool thing was we saw a rap battle going on in Spanish. It was 10 times harder to understand than rap in english but it was kind of funny at the same time. When we go out to proselyte though there are dogs everywhere! There are dogs just walking around all streets, just doing their thing. None have tried to attack me yet which is good. One thing that did happen this week was that I had the opportunity to switch into an all latino district. So instead of being in a district with a bunch of gringos, I'm in a district with a bunch of Latinos, learning the Gospel instead of Spanish. I hope that it will help me learn Spanish that much faster, because I hardly understand anything when we go outside the MTC. I have a new companion this week because the Latino companions only have to stay here for 3 weeks. I've only talked with him like twice so far because he just got here yesterday, but he seems like a good guy and I'm looking forward to getting to know him better.

Thanks so much for the letters! It takes them a while to get here, but I've gotten a few which is really nice. Thanks soo much to McLane, Bruno, and Rebecca! Your letters meant a ton and it was so nice to hear about how things are going with all my homies back home! I'm going to try and write back as soon as I can! And thanks so much for the email MacGyver. That's awesome you got to participate in Peggy's setting apart as well. And you leave in like a week for the MTC! You'll be an awesome missionary and you are going to love it soo much!
K well I don't really have more time, but I'll try and write more next week! Love you all soo much and thanks again for all the letters!

Elder Joshua Lee

P.S. Enjoy the pictures! :)

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