Monday, September 17, 2012

Ecuador week 6

Hey fam and friends!

Alright now a little bit about how things are going here. Not too much has changed since last week. Nothing really exciting has happened. It`s getting a little hotter now, which I`m not too happy about, but at least it makes the cold showers in the morning not as bad. Oh and the fan in our house broke which is kind of a bummer. My companion and I are going to have to find a way to get a new one soon.

Not a lot happened this week because Monday and Tuesday my companion and I had to go to Quito for a follow up meeting with President Ghent just to make sure everything was going alright. So that meant we spent another 7 hours in a bus one day, and another 7 on the way back. Let's just say that by the time I get back to home I probably wont ever want to ride in a bus again haha. But it was fun to get a chance to go back to Quito for a bit and see all the other Elders from the MTC and hangout with them for a bit. Sadly one of the Elders from our group actually went home that day. He was having a really hard time in the mission and just didn't really enjoy it I guess. That really bumbed me out cause he was a really good guy.

But now some happier news. We should be having some baptisms this week! We had a baptism in our sector the first week I got here and then since then we hadn't had anything, but now we have a couple baptisms planned for this week! Whoo!! Finally it feels like things are moving forward. I can`t wait to have a chance to see people I`ve actually taught and helped come unto Christ finally be baptized into this church. I'll make sure and get some pictures and let you know how it goes next week assuming everything works out!
Umm in other news, Spanish is coming along little by little. I can definitely see an improvement, but I still struggle at times. I just can`t wait till I get the ¨click¨, when everything makes sense to me. But I definitely feel a lot better about it now. I still need to do a better job of talking more and being more outgoing when I talk to people, and those are things I am going to try to improve this week.
So I did get the package! Whoo! Thanks soo much mom! It was awesome and really made my day. The pictures are perfect and now I finally have a belt that fits! I was just about to poke a hole into the other one because it was too big haha. Oh and on that note in 5 weeks I've now lost 15 to 20 pounds (I can`t tell exactly because the scale says something different every day haha). But even though I have lost all the weight I have yet to have been sick or anything which is good! I hope I can keep this up for the next two years haha.

Oh and to answer your question last week that I forgot, my companion and I send emails from this little internet store in our sector. There are like 5 computers in here and its owned by less active members so they let us use it for free which is awesome!
K and so now I finally got some more pictures! It looks like I'll be able to send about 11 a week. I don't know the order but one is a picture of me with my Tangled personal study journal haha. Another is a picture I took while in the bus of the countryside. Another is at my first baptism with the Zone Leaders! I baptised the young girl in that picture. Umm and another is when I was in Quito and I think the last is a picture of my sector. Oh and maybe one at the beach again. But that should be all!

Thanks again soo much for the package! It was perfect. And mom, I just want to say thank you soo much for being such an awesome mom. Thank you for raising me right and always helping me try to choose the right. You did soo much for me and I am soo thankful for all of it. You were such an awesome example and always made me want to do the right thing. If not for how you raised me and your example, I wouldn`t be here right now, serving the Lord and growing in soo many ways. Thank you mom.

Thanks for all the prayers and support from everyone! I`m soo excited to be here and hopefully I have some more exciting news for next week. Enjoy the pictures and if you have any more questions please ask! Oh and if there is any news about other homies finally out in the MTC or getting their mission call or cool stories of the on their missions I'd love to get a letter or an email and hear all about it. Love you all!

Con amor,

Elder Joshua Lee

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