Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ecuador Week 5

Hey fam!

We had to email a little sooner today because we have to go back to Quito for a conference with President. But hopefully the rest of the time I should be able to email a little later. And the good news is we now get an hour to email again! President had changed it because other missionaries weren`t just emailing during this time, but he changed it back now and so hopefully it stays this way! And that means I can send home more pictures now, but I forgot to bring my camera to the computer this week sorry! But I'll for sure send some pictures next week.

So I'm glad to hear all the family is doing well. I pray for all of you every night and I know that the Lord is looking out for all of you, and me. I'm also glad to hear that Sportclips is doing well! That's one thing I really miss, my amazing haircuts. They aren't quite the same here in Ecuador.

Alright so a little more about how things are going here. First, the bad news haha. So we had a tsunami warning here, which is kind of crazy. Half us missionaries didn't know about it until after the warning, but nothing happened so it's all good! We had a warning because of the earth quake in Costa Rica this last week, but it's all good here! And I think there was something else, but I forgot. Maybe I'll remember for next week!
And now the good stuff. So this last week I had the opportunity to baptize my first person!! Whoo!! I will make sure and send the pictures next week. She was a 12 year old girl (who looks like she's 16) and she wasn't my investigator, but my companion had to go to Quito and so I was with the Zone Leaders and got a chance to talk to the family and little bit and then baptize one of them. It was such an awesome experience and really shows the fruits of our efforts. Hopefully now we should have a couple of our investigators baptized in the next couple weeks!
Besides that nothing else is way different here. I just want to let Garebear know that I am still waiting for my letter from him. And I want to let McLane know that half the songs my mom put on my iPod are from BYU Singers so I get to listen to you singing almost every day! haha. Oh and I got my first handwritten letter in the field today! It was from Elder MacGyver Mann! He sent me one from the MTC and it was great to hear from him. If you could find out his mission address and send it to me that would be sweet because I don't think my letter will make it to the MTC before he leaves.
Well thanks so much for everything! Thank you all for your prayers and I know that I have been blessed and I can see the Lord working in my life. Hopefully I'll have some cool experiences for next week! Love you all!

Con amor,

Elder Joshua Lee

P.S. If you haven't sent the package yet like some tobasco sauce or taco bell sauce or salsa or something would be cool. I don't know if you can send something like that, and if not it's okay, but I've seen tobasco here in south america once and it cost 50 solace! That's liek 30 dollars which is crazy! oh and maybe some deoderant. But that's all! Thanks for everything!

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