Monday, September 24, 2012

Ecuador Week 7

Hey fam!

Glad to hear everything is going well! 

So i would comment a little more but I don't have very much time to write because we just got changes today! And all today I have been with the zone leader Elder Gomez because his companion just finished his mission and left for the US and my companion just got transferred to the jungle which is like an 18 hour bus ride. So he and I have been doing a bunch of stuff today to get ready for the new missionaries to get here. My new companion is Elder Blocksham (sp?). He's another gringo from Utah  but I've heard a lot of good things about him so i'm really excited to meet him in a few minutes! 

To answer your questions, I will send a picture of the apartment next week when I have more time and more pictures as well. We eat in a members house every day for lunch usually and the people's home that we eat at are called mamitas. And my days consist of a lot of walking. Ill describe it in more detail next week! 

So since I don't have a lot of time I just have one quick story from this week which was awesome and really a testimony builder. So my companion and I told our investigators that we were going to bring a member to her house for our lesson, but the member ended up not being able to go. So we went to the house without the member and got there and knocked on the door. She came and answered the door and then asked us where the other person was who was with us. We said that the member couldn't come and that it was only us. Then she told us that she saw us walking up to the house through the window and that she definitely saw a third person, dressed in all white, walking in between us. That was such an awesome experience because there wasn't anyone we could see there, but she said she was certain she saw someone, an angel, walking between us. I had been praying all that week for a big, grand spiritual experience, and there Heavenly Father answered my prayer. It was an awesome experience and something I will probably remember forever.

Well that`s all I have time for. If i am right i believe it's Dads birthday today so tell him happy birthday for me! I love you all soo much and miss you all a ton! Thanks soo much for the prayers and letters and please ask more questions if you have them!

Elder Joshua Lee

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