Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quito Week !

Hey Fam and Friends!

It's great to hear from all of you this week! I loved the pictures from Disneyland. Especially the one of Ben in Carsland. It looks like he is having the time of his life. I'm glad all the family sounds like they're doing well.
Well so like I said last week real quick... I got transfered. I got sent from Esmeraldas to Quito and wow what a difference there is. First, Esmeraldas was burning hot and Quito is freezing!!! It like POURS rain in the afternoons and it is soo cold here. I've had a hard time adjusting to the cold and the altitude and so I've been a little sick ever since I got here, but I'm still alive!
I'm sending some of my last pictures in Esmeraldas
So my new Zone I'm in is called Atahualpa and I'm in the sector Oriente QuiteƱa. My sector is just hills. We are on like the outskirts of the city of Quito and it is just hill after hill after hill. I'm climbing hills all day. It is still really tough because I can't breath very well here at 9000ft in the air, but I'm getting used to it. And by the end of my time here I'm going to have some dang ripped legs haha.
And so like I said earlier it rains almost every afternoon. And most of the time it pours. And we are so high up the the lightening and thunder is loco! I there's been some thunder claps soo loud that I thought they were going to blow my ears out and I'm almost a little freaked out of the lightening because we are soo high up and so close to it.
Oh and I also hate the dogs here. The dogs in Esmeraldas were just lazy and wanted to sleep in the sand the whole time because it was so hot. The dogs here are mean. I have yet to get bitten but I've come close a couple times. The dogs really are viscious here. There's a couple things we do to not get bit. First, when dogs start running at us we bend down and either pick up a rock or pretend to pick one up and they'll usually stop or be too scared to keep coming closer. That or we take off our backpacks and put it in the way so that they'll at least bite our backpacks and not us. But I still haven't been bit yet, but my companion did get bit the first day I got here. It didn't break skin because he had on a few layers because of the cold at least.
And that brings me to my companion. I got my first latino companion! His name is Elder Taquez and he is from Columbia. He's been in the mission for 19 months now so he's getting ready to go home. It's a lot different having a latino companion than a gringo. In some way's I like it more because it definitely helps me with my spanish and stuff, but it's a lot different. He's a really quite guy and not very outgoing either. But he's a good guy and we get along pretty well.
Things are still going well. We have a few investigators here that we are working with and some really awesome ones who should be getting baptized soon! I'll make sure and take pictures and send them when it happens. I also love the ward here. The ward here is a lot more like the wards in the States. Our church building even has carpet!! I just wish we had some in our house because our house is at like the top of a mountain and just freeeeezzing!! haha. Oh and next week for P'day we are supposed to do some cool activity and go to some cool place so hopefully I'll have more pictures next week! Oh and for pday we have a mall in our sector so we went there to buy stuff and it's huge! It reminds me of Chandler Fashion Center. And speaking of that, I had a dream last night that for pday my companion and I were back in Arizona and we went to Chandler Fashion Center for Pday. But I was still a missionary. And there I saw some homies like Katie Farnsworth, but she didn't act surprised at all to see me there. It was a really weird dream. Oh and real quick about the weather. It started hailing one day too. It's really cold haha.
Well that's about all I have time for this week! Hopefully I can write more next week and have some more pictures. The ones I sent this week are my last ones from Esmeraldas and then a few I've taken here in Quito. Ill try and get some more. Oh and I finally found a place to send letters! I was able to send some letters to Garebear, Sarah Adams, and Jessica Cook so hopefully you all get them soon! Love you all soo much and thanks for the prayers and letters. Even with the cold, I'm soo pumped to be here in Quito!
Elder Joshua Lee

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