Monday, December 31, 2012

Quito Week 8

Hey fam!!

I'm glad everything is going well! And that you all really enjoyed Christmas and I hope everyone enjoys New Years Eve!! And it was sooo awesome to Skype you all!!! Whoo!!

But things are going really well here! I don't have a ton of time to write because we have to be in the house at 4 today, but know I'm doing well. Things are pretty crazy here in Ecuador right now though haha. Everyone goes a little loco for the holidays. All the people are drinking and you have to watchout for drunk people everywhere haha. Oh and for New Years Eve they do some weird things here. First, they all make these puppets or giant toy things that they are going to burn at midnight. They're really weird. And then, the weirder part is that the dudes all dress up and chicks and then try and dance with you and stuff and you have to pay them. It's really strange and disturbing at times. But that's Ecuador! haha!

Oh one thing I forgot to tell you all is that we had this activity in our ward before Christmas and the guy who was going to be Santa ended up not being able to. So who did they ask to be Santa? The gringo in the ward haha. So I was Santa for the ward activity. I'm going to send some pictures so I hope you enjoy haha. It was actually a lot of fun.

As for other things, I think I already told you that I have now eaten kidney and cow intestines. The kidney was kind of gross but I actually kind of enjoyed the cow intestines haha.

Ummm as for other things, I can't think of a lot else. Oh we're going to have 2 baptisms this weekend!! Whoohoo!!! Finally!! It's been a while since I've had a baptism so I'm way excited! Oh and to answer your question mom, I have seen gringos every now and then, but I think most of them live in the north of Quito where it's a little nicer.

Well that's about all I have time for. I love you all sooo much and it was soo awesome to skype with you all! I really love being here on the mission and it's soo freaking awesome to be a missionary! I'll write more next week! Have a great New Years Eve!!


Elder Joshua Lee

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