Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quito Week 6

Dear Family and Friends,

Nate got his mission call!!!! Whoohooo!!!! My bro's going to Chile!!! That's soo awesome! I'm soo stoked for him. I hope he's just as pumped as I am haha. He's gonna be a stud missionary. I feel like Santiago is like an old place with cool buildings and all that stuff. I'd love to hear more about it!
Well I don't have a ton of time this week, but today we had transfers! And they closed our sector so my companion and I both are leaving and going to new sectors. I didn't go far though. I just got transfered to the other district in our zone, but I'm way excited to go there! Things were pretty tough with missionary work in our sector, so it's nice to go to a new sector. And I finally got out of the cold showers!! Whoo!! It'll be nice to bath with hot water again. And my new sector doesn't have any hills which will be nice.
My companion is Elder Zuloeta, another latino. But I already got to know him from being in the zone and he's way cool. I'm looking forward to working with him and learning a lot from him. It's gonna be a good change!
Oh and I got the package today! I lied about getting it a week ago. Sorry haha. But I got it this week and thanks soo much for everything!! It's soo awesome! And I got to send some letters off today so hopefully they get there soon. As for skyping, which is better, Christmas eve or Christmas day? I'm planning on Christmas day, but if you send me an email really quick saying Christmas eve is better I can then. But I'm planning on 3 or 4 ecuador time Christmas day. It'd be awesome if the Hills coould be there and Anna and Stu if they want to!. Sorry I don't really have time for more but I'm soooo excited to talk to you all in a week!!! Whoo!!!! Sorry for not sending pictures. Next week! Love you all and talk to you in a week!!!
Elder Lee

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