Monday, December 31, 2012

Quito Week 7

Tomorrow's Christmas!!!! Whoohoo!!! Honestly it doesn't really feel like Christmas here. We've done some things to make it more Christmasy, but it still doesn't really feel like it. But I'm okay with that! I'm still having a ton of fun and am wayyyy excited to skype with all of you tomorrow!! Whoohoo!! So I'm planning on like 4 o'clock here with should be like 2ish there. But maybe a little before or a little after.
And I got more packages today!! Whoo!! Thanks soo much! I got one from Anna and Stu and another one from the Farnsworths. It is awesome! I love all the goodies and expecially the watch from Anna and Stu and the Christmas music from Sister Farnsworth! It made it a really good day.

So I really wanted to send some more pictures, but this computer doesn't have a place for me to plug my camera in so you're going to have to wait until next week. Sorry for not writing very much, but we have to be in the house by 4 today. But just know that I am having a great time and love you all soo much! Have an awesome Christmas and can't wait to talk to you all tomorrow!!! Love you!!!


Elder Joshua Lee

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