Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quito Week 10

Hey fam!

Well as for me, there's not a lot new this week. I'm still having a great time and loving being a missionary! This week we should have 2 more baptisms which is awesome! They are the daughters of a family we are teaching and they are 8 and 9 years old. The parents would get baptized too, but they have to get married first and we are still working on that. But the mom is amazing. Her name is Merilla (i think that's how you spell is). She's probably one of the best investigators I've had so far. I think she's had a Book of Mormon for a little over a week and she's like halfway through Alma which is awesome! She blows away most of the members here haha. ANd we have some other people who are progressing and hopefully we keep having baptisms these next few weeks!

One thing I really do enjoy here is how some of the people pray. Some people just have an interesting way of praying. Probably my favorite thing I've heard is instead of saying Padre Celestial or Heavenly Father, an investigator we have says Papito Lindo which basically translates as pretty daddy hahaha. It's really funny when you know english, but it's something fairly normal here which is kinda funny.

So yeah that's about is from me this week. Enjoy the pictures! These are from when we went bowling last week. I felt really American! haha. And I'm going to try and send 2 more which show the difference between an American meal I've eaten here and an Ecuadorian meal haha. Pretty funny! But yeah I honestly really love it here. I've learned soooo much and really grown soo much in my time here. It's freaking awesome being a missionary and seeing the changes that the Gospel makes in peoples lives. Love you all! Hasta next week!!

Love the Coolest Missionary Around,

Elder Joshua Lee

P.S. Oh and I also got two letters this week! I got a letter from the Tomlinsons and from Jessica! Thanks sooo much! I'm gonna try and write back as soon as I can!

P.P.S. Hey mom just one thing. President has asked us that we don't put up the pictures of baptisms on facebook. So just when I send those please don't put them up. The rest are fine I think. But thanks soo much for putting up my pictures and letters so everyone can see and read! I've had people tell me that my blog is the most updated and fun to follow so you're doing a pretty dang good job! Love you soo much and thanks for everything mom!! You da best!!

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