Monday, January 28, 2013

Quito Week 12

Dear Fam and Friends!
Well the big news from me this week is that we had transfers! And I didn't go anywhere but my companion left for Santo Domingo. So now in 5 transfers in the mission I am going to have 5 companions. But I don't know who my companion is yet because as we say in the mission i soobed or got promoted. I am now going to train a new missionary. A missionary straight out of the MTC. It's going to be an adventure! haha. So I'll meet my new companion Wednesday when I go to Iña Quito to pick him up. I kind of want to have a gringo companion, but it'll be tough if I do because he probably won't speak very much spanish. But I'll let you know who it is next week!
Now a bit of sad news. The other day we were in the house of a member and she wanted to take some pictures and her little daughter said that she wanted to take some pictures with my camera so I gave it to her. And while she had my camera she erased ALL of my pictures. I had 600 pictures from the first 7 months of my mission and now they're all gone. I about cried when that happened. And after we went and tried to see if we could get them restored and I got about 50 back but not very many. So just please save all the pictures I've sent home because those are all I have from the first 7 months of my mission. I had just barely bought a flashdrive to put all my pictures there too this week, but they got erased before I could transfer them. But that's life!!
In other news, there's not much else going on. Just excited to start this next transfer here in Atahualpa! Oh and I guess this next transfer is only 4 weeks instead of 6 because of some problems they had in the MTC with all the new missionaries coming in. So now all the people in our mission (and I think the rest of the missions) are coming home 2 weeks earlier. So I'll be home for your birthday in 2014 mommy!!! Whoo!! :) haha. But that's about it! I sent some letters back to Jessica Cook, Eden Lance and Sarah Adams today so hopefully you get them soon! Love you all a ton and I still absolutely love being a missionary! Until next week!!
Love Ya Boy,
Elder Joshua Lee

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