Monday, January 21, 2013

Quito Week 11

Hey Fam!!

So there's not a lot new to say with me this week. We had a baptism on Saturday though which was awesome!! These are the pics. We baptized the two little girls of a family. We're going to baptize the parents too, but they have to get married first and are still working on some papers. But it went great! I also sang... no big deal. It was a musical number with some members there who can sing a bit so there were 4 of us and we sang La Oración del Niño, or A Child's Prayer. Here in South America I actually got a little bit of musical talent hahah. Oh and this next week we should be having 10 baptisms in our zone!!! Whoo!! Una Noche Blanca. So hopefully everything still goes well with those! Oh and talking about the pictures, I think it's still okay to send them out in the emails you forward and put them on the blog. It's just they don't want them up on facebook for the whole world to see and coment on. But the rest of the photos are fine to go up on facebook!

So what else... Oh after the baptism the missionaries in our zone did a skit in one of the ward. they had a talent activity and we actually did 2 skits for it. I was only in one but in that one I was the King Lion. It was pretty funny and i got a little decorated for the part. I'm gonna send home some pictures. And that stuff on my face was hard to get off! haha

In other news, my glasses broke. That was kind of sad. I don't know how either. I got home one day and went to take them off and they just broke. One of the little side thingies snapped off (im not sure what you call that thing). I still have my other glasses, but i don't like to use them that much and now I'm afraid they're gonna break too and I'll be without glasses, but yeah I think I'll live haha. I jsut dont use glasses as much now.

We had a pretty cool experience this week though. We got a reference from one of the other zone leaders and went to contact it this week. It was a dad and he wanted help because he was having some problems in the family and his wife was thinking of leaving him and all that. So we went and found him and went to his house and had a lesson with his family. It was probably the best lesson I've had of my mission soo far. We talk about the family like the whole time and the spirit was soo strong there. I could see it really touched the members of this family too. And at the end of the lesson we put a date with them to get baptized the 9th of February!!! So hopefully everything keeps going well with this family, the Tapón family!

As for other things, not much. We went the the Vasilico today (not sure if that's spelt right). But it's this big Catholic church in the middle of Quito. If you type Quito into google images it comes up i think. But we took a ton of pictures and Imma try and send some home. Oh and I got letters today from the bishop and from Sarah Adams! Thanks soo much! I'll write back as soon as I can! Love you all soo much and I still freaking love being a missionary!!

Elder Joshua Lee!!

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