Monday, August 19, 2013

A Broken Camera, a Trip to the Jungle and Service!

Dear Family and Friends,

Well first off.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell him I said that mom?? Because like today is his birthday right? I hope he had an awesome party! He's just growing up soo dang fast. And what he said about me being home soon is just too true... i'm not ready for it yet. So let's just hope time goes a little more slowly haha.

So this week wasn't quite as roller-coastery as last week. So that was good. But there were a few bumps along the way. First we got to go to the jungle again this week. Sweet!!! We went to this city called Tena. The last time we went it was to this city called Puyo and this time we went to a city that was 2 more hours into the jungle to do a baptismal interview for some missionaries there. It was a way cool trip! We got to see more of the jungle and how it really is which was tight! I took some pictures so I'll send them along. But the jungle is awesome. Way hot and humid, but way cool. The trees are just really big and cool and it is so green and everything. I hope I get a chance so spend more than one day there sometime in the future.

But the bad news about the trip is that my camera broke.... :(  I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I put it in my backpack and when I pulled it out the screen didn't work. I can still take pictures and stuff, but I just can't see anything on the screen so I'm not sure how the picture is turning out. But I'm going to see if I can find a way go get it fixed. And if not I'll just have to buy a new one. But I hope it doesn't come to that because cameras cost a lot here. 

So the Tena trip was cool, but the camera breaking not soo much. And one other thing not soo good was that I finally got sick. I hadn't been sick like my whole time in Ecuador. In 14 months, not once. But I did get sick last week. Like stomach sick. Enough to throw up and have to stay in the house all day. But it was just one day thankfully and the next day I was right as rain again. So it wasn't that fun, but now I can say that I've gotten sick in South America. But don't worry mom.. I'm fine now :) haha.

Oh and so the other pictures I'm sending are of a service we did. There is a member in our ward who has a Mexican restraint called Cuatemoc and we eat there everyy. So we helped her paint the outside wall to thank her for the food she gives us every week. It wasn't too hard and kinda fun and afterwards she gave us these delicious burritos!!!!!!! The best Mexican food I've had in Ecuador. It still doesn't compare to Chipotle or other Mexican food in the states, but it was way good!! So I can't complain. 

And that's what's going on with me. Life is still good here. No stories too exciting. Oh I have one. This week my companion and I were going to an appointment we had when I saw a lady standing on the side of the road with a big bucket by her side, another 6 year old kid there and pushing a stroller. I was going to just keep walking because we had to go to the appointment, but I felt that we should stop and help her. So I talked to her and offered to help her carry the bucket and she started crying she was so grateful. She had had a rough day working and she was a single mom with a 7 year old kid and a 1 month baby and had pushed the baby in the stroller and carried the bucket almost a mile distance already. Oh and her name is Rosa. She was really grateful and we were able to teach her afterwards. She isn't going to progress very well because she has to work a ton to support herself and her two kids, but she probably can progress some time in the future. We at least planted seeds and even if she doesn't progress now, she could progress with other missionaries later on.

SO that's my week! I hope everyone there is still well. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!! Love you All!!

Con Amor,


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