Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Just a Normal Week

Dear Fam and Friends,
Well I don't really have anything exciting to say this week. It was a pretty normal, kinda boring week. My companion and I just went around working and we were able to get a family to come to church this week, The Marge Family, but it was stake conference this week and it wasn't the best stake conference I've been to. The microphone didn't work half of the time and we were sitting towards the back so we couldn't hear anything and the family didn't have the best experience there. Hopefully we can get them to come back to church next week. 

So yeah no baptisms and I can't think of anything that exciting the happened either. Sorry i feel like my letters just get more and more boring haha. But my companion, Elder Rogers, is going home next week. He finished up the mission so we went and bought some...... I can't remember what the word is in English... its recuerdos in Spanish. Oh yeah it's souvenirs. So we bought some today. So next week we have changes and I'm going to have a new companion. But not until next week. So yeah. Any questions? Like is good and I still love being a missionary! Just nothing that exciting went down this week.

Well you all are awesome and I love you a ton! Hopefully I have some cool stories next week! 
Elder Joshua Lee


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