Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Miracles and Another Dog Bite

Dear Family and Friends,

The one word that would describe my week would be.... Miracles. We had such an awesome experience this last week. So for this weekend my companion and I didn't have any baptisms planned. Zero. And yet we ended up with 2 this weekend!!! Whoo!!! We had one which was an investigator we'd had for a while who's name is Gabriela and she decided the she finally wanted to get baptized this weekend which was awesome! And then the big part of the story was finding Karen.
So we got a call from a member on Wednesday and he told us that he was walking by the church on Tuesday and saw an 18 year old girl out there and started talking to her. She said he name was Karen and that she had taken the missionary lessons in Guayaquil (another city in Ecuador) and had gone to church there and wanted to get baptized. So this member found out she lived in our sector and gave us a call. We couldn't get a lesson with her until Friday because we had to go to Quito, but we talked to her and she was way ready for baptism so we brought another missionary to do her baptismal interview and she got baptized on Saturday!! It was such a miracle here. And she is gonna be a great convert because she is really smart and understands everything and has a really strong testimony. We just say thank you to the sister missionaries in Guayaquil that taught her. The Lord has blessed us with so many miracles in this sector. My companion, Elder Rogers, is a really good missionary that is about to go home in 2 weeks and he has a goal to get 6 converts this last transfer before he goes. Because of all his hard work the Lord has blessed us with 3 already, we just have to get 3 more this transfer and I believe we can do it! We just need to keep working as hard as we can.

Well I had a couple other experiences this week that weren't quite as cool. First was that I got bitten by a dog... Again. But this was the worst I've been bitten so far. This one actually drew a little blood. It tore through my pants and everything too, but I got too excited to sew them up so I forgot to take a picture of the pants when they were ripped haha. I did take a picture of the bite though so I'll send that home. It just got bruised more than anything and didn't really hurt though so I'll be fine. And the dog hasn't died or started acting weird so it doesn't have rabies either. I'll be fine haha.

And I did get sick again this last week. We had to go to the jungle again to train the missionaries in a city called Puyo. The road going to Puyo is really windy and hideous and I think because of that and a little because of the eggs I ate in the morning, I got pretty dang sick. We got there and my companion went to train the missionaries while I just went to the bathroom to throw-up for a while. I felt really dang sick. But it passed pretty quickly and by the time we got back to Ambato I was feeling fine for out baptisms! And I'm 100% now.

Oh and last thing. For P-day this week we went to this giant park called the Parque de la Familia (basically family park) and there we grilled up some burgers! And played some sports with the zone. It actually went really well and was really fun. The burgers were delicious too! Fun activity! I'll see if I can send home some more pictures. 

Well that was my week. A few dog bites and upset stomachs, but a lot more miracles. I freaking love being a missionary! The mission really is the best. I don't know if I ever want it to end. Love you all soo much! Have a great week and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSIE!!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Joshua Lee

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