Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Dear Fam and Friends,
So this week we had transfers!! My companion, Elder Rogers, finished his time here in the mission and went home. It was actually a really sad day for me. I love that guy to death and miss him a ton already. He was a great companion and helped me to be a better missionary. But I'm also pumped for this next change. My new companion is Elder Cortes, from Chile. He's dope too! A way cool dude and we are pumped to work like beasts! We are going to help out our zone a ton. And they also divided our zone. Now the jungle isn't part of our zone so I won't be able to travel there anymore. But that's okay because there were way too many missionaries in our zone and it was hard to help all of them and focus on all of them. SO now we can help out our missionaries a lot more. 
Umm besides the transfers not a lot happened. My companion, Elder Rogers, got hit by a car 3 days before he want home. Haha it was kinda funny. He crossed the street without looking and a car ran over his foot. It didn't get broken or anything though. It just hurt him a lot and it was hard for him to walk. But he's okay now. The same thing happened to my last companion when he got hit by a motorcycle with 3 days until he went home. Luckily nothing happened to either of them. But I now have decided that I won't cross any streets my last week of the mission. But yeah so nothing else has happened. Here's a pic of our zone. enjoy.
Love you all a ton and thanks for everything!! Hopefully I have cooler stories next week.
Love ya!!

Elder Joshua Lee

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