Monday, October 21, 2013

A Sad Week

Dear Fam and Friends,

So this week was really sad. Our mamita, the Hermana Maria Cabezas, died this week. She had surgery to fix the a blood clot in her brain or whatever is was and the surgery didn't go very well and she died the next day, this last Thursday. It was really sad because she was still pretty dang young. She was only 52 years old and she and her husband had a lot of plans to serve a mission together and all sorts of stuff. The funeral was sad as well. The family was pretty down too. But they will recover. Luckily they are a family very active that believes strongly in the gospel and in the plan of salvation. They know that whey will be able to see each other after this life. Hopefully they can recover quickly though

On a happier note, my companion and I are going to have a couple baptisms this weekend!!! Whoo!!! We have been teaching some great people here. One is Janet and the family Marge. In the family Marge, the husband doesn't want to get baptized right now. He's more hardhearted as are men almost always, but his wife does want to get baptized. Hopefully everything goes well and I have some more pictures to send home next week!

I did take a lot of pictures this week as well. I'll send as many as I can. My companion and I had to cut the grass again, but this time we at least got some bigger scizzors. here's a picture. we also both bought Ecuador jerseys and took a lot of pictures in them. And we bought some sweet sunglasses too. We've been trying to style it up a little bit lately. So I'm going to send home as many pictures as I can. Oh and the volcano Tungurahua is errupting again. There is alwasy like ash coming out of it. But it's way far away so don't worry about that still.

Yeah and life is all good! Thanks for everything mom! You the best!! I'll try and send home more pictures next week! Love You!ยช!!

Elder Joshua Lee

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