Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another Baptism!

Dear Family and Friends,
Well I don't have a lot to say this week. Again. Sorry about that haha. But everything is still going well here in Ambato. My new companion like I said is Elder Cortes from Chile. And he's a boss! He's a way tight dude and we get along really well. He's really active and funny and he works like a beast too so that's awesome!
So we've worked so dang hard this last week. We've been trying to find new people and help them progress and come to church. I was a little discouraged at the start of church last week because we were hoping that like 10 people would show up to church because we had visited a TON! of people and even more were supposed to come. but only one showed up at the start so we were kinda upset. but like halfway through church 3 more showed up so that was great! and honestly we had a great week.,

We worked and walked like beasts and I'm soooo tired because of it. I go to bed and I wake up tired. everything is just tired. I cant remember not being tired now. but tired is good as a missionary I guess. it means we're working hard. 
Oh and we had a baptism!!! whoo!!! So our work paid off! Her name is Daniela and she is the girlfriend of a member and she is really great. She has a strong testimony and we made sure she didn't just get baptized because of her boyfriend. We are also teaching her mom who is way cool too and hopefully will get baptized soon!

That's pretty much is this week. It has been a really fun week and a really tiring week as well. but I think the most fun you have is when you are working as hard as you can and that makes you really tired too so they go hand in hand. Oh and I'm sending some more pictures like of me and my companion playing baseball in the house. Luckily we didn't break anything haha. Love you all soooo much!!!!!

Con Amorcito,

Elder Joshua Lee!!

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