Monday, October 28, 2013


Dear Fam,

Hey. What's up? Sounds like life is pretty good. I'm glad the kids are doing well.

Umm.... Not a lot new. We had a baptism this weekend!! Whoo!!! It went really well. I'll send some pics too. We did our baptism with the baptisms of another ward because the sister missionaries can't baptize so I baptized their investigators as well. It was a kinda stressful night because there were a ton of people there, but it went really well. 

It was a pretty calm week. Not a lot went down. We need to start finding more people to teach. We have some good people, but a lot aren't progressing so my companion and I are going to focus on that a lot more this week. And there are transfers next week. So on Monday I'll let you know what happens. If I stay or go or get a new companion. All the good stuff. Time is flying by. I kinda want to stay because my sector and the families here are awesome. But we'll see what happens. 

I'm sending some pictures that we took with the Familia Osorio. One is with my last companion Elder Rogers, from a long time ago. The others are from when we cut my companion's hair. It didn't turn out so well haha. But it was a fun experience. Umm for Christmas send some good stuff for like my companions or people here, but I don't really need anything. Maybe just more shampoo, hair and body moisturizer and hair gel. But nothing else. Life is good and I'm just living it up in Ecuador. 

Con amor,

Elder Joshua Lee

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