Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Dear Fam and Friends,

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I had to say that first off. So I'm glad it sounds like everything is going well! And it sounds like it'll be a fun Christmas there in Utah. Even though Nate and I are a ways away. And I love the pictures. Keep sending them so I can see how life is and how everyone is doing at home.

So this week was pretty nuts. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow when we talk on SKYPE!! But I'll tell you a bit now. At first it was kinda tough again. I had to get used to the coast and all the stuff. There is a huge difference between the coast and the Mountain range. The people in the coast have a lot humbler and poorer way of life. So it took me a bit to get adjusted. But I did and now I'm loving it here again. I forgot how different it was. The people here are soo much humbler and more willing to accept the gospel. It was my first week here in the coast since I started and we managed to have 12 investigators go to church!! 12!!! That's like crazy!! And they are all great people who are progressing really well. So I missed it a lot. 

It is pretty hot though. Not as hot as in Esmeraldas when I started my mission, but it's hot. And I'm not used to the heat and humidity, so I'm sweating a lot. But it's okay. Maybe it'll help me lose more weight. I doubt it though because the food is really good and I feel like my stomach is slowly growing again. But I've decided I'm going to enjoy Christmas and then next year I'm going to try and be more careful about what I eat and staying skinny. Oh and I did eat cow udder this week. That was interesting. The meat actually tasted pretty good. It was just very chewy. But I enjoyed it! Another mission experience. 
Well to all my family and friends out there, MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ECUADOR!!!!! I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and can really enjoy and remember the true meaning of Christmas this year: The birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Love you all soo much!!!! And talk to you tomorrow°!

Elder Joshua Lee

PS. here are some pictures of our White Elephant district activity. I got a pair of pants. Sweet... haha 

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