Monday, December 9, 2013

The Hurtada family and the Acosta Family

Dear Fam and Friends,

Wow I can't believe that Ben Rowden is already home... Time really flew by. I'm glad he had a great mission and he looks like he learned a lot and all that stuff. Send him my love and tell him to write me up if he gets a chance when he comes by for dinner.

Life is good here in Ecuador. We had a baptism this weekend!!! WHOO!!! It was the daughter of a less active member. We got the family, the Hurtado Family, to come back to church and we got Valentina baptized. She looks like she's like 15 or something, but she's just 11 years old. That was really weird. But they are an awesome family and it was awesome helping them come back to church. 

Umm let's see... In other things this week, I've gotten a  bit of a cold too. Looks like everyone gets a bit sick this time of the year. Nothing too serious, but some sniffling and a sore throat. But not enough to stop me working. 

Oh and the sweet family that went to Miami, the Acosta Family, got back from Miami this week! Whoo!!! And they are really awesome. We weren't able to visit them before Sunday, but the husband of the family and his son showed up to church which was sweet. In church he told us that while he was in Florida he really wanted to see the temple, so he went to Orlando to check it out while he was there. I thought that was really awesome that while he was there on vacation, doing whatever he wants, he decided to go and see the temple. It seems like in the family the women are the tougher ones. Which is weird because it's usually the guys that don't want to do anything. But we're going to help the whole family out. Oh and we brought them all to the Christmas devotional by the first presidency which was sweet! They liked it a lot and we're going to visit them again today. 

It also has started raining a bit here in Ambato now. It's still nothing compared to how it rained when I was in Quito a year ago, but a little drizzle here and a little drizzle there. We'll live... I hope. And tomorrow we have the Christmas dinner with President and Sister Ghent in their house so that'll be awesome!! I'll make sure and get some more pictures for next week.

Other than that, life is going along normally here. Time just flies by which really scares me. We have transfers next week too. I just really hope I don't get transferred because it would kinda be lame to go to a new sector just before Christmas. And I already had to do that last year. But I guess the Lord will decide. And thanks sooo much for the Christmas music mom!!! Any other music you can get would be greatly appreciated. Including the music from Halo 3 would be cool. You are the best mom!!!  Love you so much!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Joshua Lee

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