Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Weird New Year's Traditions

Dear Fam and Friends,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you all have a very happy New Year! One as good as Christmas was. Cause it sounds like Christmas was pretty fun! With the sledding and the snowmen and all that good stuff. And it was way cool seeing all you guys too on Christmas! You all look good and no one looks like they're eating too much or anything so that's good. I'm still weirded out by Jacob's voice a little. But hopefully I can get over that soon.
Umm so things are still good here in Ecuador. Just enjoying New Year's Eve right now. I don't know if I told you last year, but they have some weird traditions for New Year's Eve here in Ecuador. First, the guys all dress up like girls called viudas (or widows) and they go and dance in the street and bother people until they give them money. My companion and I already had a couple of them come up to us and start bothering us today. But we got away pretty quickly. And the second thing they do is they build like paper mache dolls and then burn them exactly at midnight. There are all sorts of dolls. They are of random people or superheroes or pretty much anything else. And they do it because it signifies the ending of the old year and the beginning of the new one. Weird stuff! But I'll try and send some pictures of some super big Viejos (the dolls things they make) that we found. 

This week we also got put to work doing service. We went and helped a family build their house. So we had to get the fine nice dirt out of a pile of dirt and rocks by screening it and then later make cement and all sorts of stuff. And it was hot and I forgot to put sunscreen on so I got a little burnt and some nice blisters on my hands from working. But it's all good! And it was some fun work.

Tonight my companion and I are going to see if we can order Papa John's and eat some pizza in our house because we have to be in the house in a little bit and we can't come back out tonight. 
But for this New Year, I've set a lot of goals. I feel like I've changed a lot on my mission and I've learned a ton, but I feel like I need to change more. I've set a lot of spiritual goals for this year. I want to come even closer unto my Savior before I go home and really make my mission something special. I plan to make this next year an amazing year and really become converted to this gospel. 
So again, HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope all of you have a great one!!!

Elder JOshua Lee

PS Next week I will write on Monday like normal!!

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