Monday, May 19, 2014

Some Weeks are a Struggle

Dear Family and Friends,

Well I don't have a lot of new news either. It was awesome getting to see you all and talk to you yesterday. But it'll be even more fun to see you all in a couple of weeks. I can't believe how much Ben has progressed. It's really amazing to see that. I still can't get over Jacob's voice. It frightens me. And you probably shouldn't have sent me that picture of Jessica mom. It's almost as scary as Jacob's voice seeing how flexible Jessica is. haha.

Well it was a good week here. We had some more people in church and if everything goes well we should have a couple of baptisms this weekend. It was kinda a tough Sunday though. Like hardly any of my converts here went to church on Sunday. It was Mother's Day, but it is kinda hard sometimes when you feel like a lot of your work has gone to nothing. But they are good people and they should come to church next week.

The hardest part of the week was with the Zambrano Family though. It almost felt like another Cobos Family situation (if you can remember back like 10 months ago). We went to the house to teach them on Saturday, and they at least let us in. But the mom of the family, (who had before been way super excited to have us teaching them and she was the one who helped everyone read and go to church) was really cold towards us. She didn't like participate at all in the lesson and said that she didn't want to go to church. So Sunday came around and her kids came to church, but she and her husband didn't come. And I talked to one of her kids and he said it was because his mom and dad had still been fighting a lot and his dad hadn't really changed very much since joining the church. He said that his mom had said that she regretted ever joining the church and that she didn't want us to visit her anymore... Words like that hurt more than anything else I think. I almost felt as bad as when the Cobos Family situation happened. When you come to love a family soo much and help them start to see changes in their lives and see the effect the gospel has, and then to see them not want it at all afterwards is really sad. I've had some of my happiest moments on the mission, but also some of my hardest and saddest moments I think. But, hopefully things work out with this family. At least the kids can help their parents come back with time. And they are moments I've really learned a lot from. 

So that was a sad part of the week, but everything else is going well! We got another good week ahead of us to keep working. Love you all!


Elder Joshua Lee

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