Monday, February 4, 2013

Quito Week 13

Dear Family,

Great to hear that everything is well! And thanks for the birthday wish! Here in the mission it feels nothing like my birthday right now. I've hardly even thought about it. Wow it really is tomorrow huh? Well the first of 2 birthdays on the mission! haha. Time really flies by. And thanks for sending packages! I did get one today from Aunt Anna that had a cd of piano music on it so that was really awesome! Thanks so much Aunt Anna!!! And yes it looks like you can send me stuff directly from Amazon.
So the big news is my new companion!!! Whoo!!! He's pretty awesome. His name is Elder Grace, and no he's not gringo. He's a latino from Ecuador who's grandpa is from the states, had a couple kids with his grandma, and left back to the states so he's got a gringo name for that. But he's from Guayaquil.And the sad news is that he's only here temporarily. He's just waiting for his visa to go to Mexico. So it makes me a little sad that my first kid isn't in my mission, but I still love him!

So this week was a little tough. We didn't have a lot of success this week. During the week was okay because we had people we were teaching, but Sunday came around and we couldn't get them to come to church. So I was feeling a little upset and down because of that. ALso because we had been working really hard and we had been 100% obedient and I thought doing all we could do so it was a little tough. But I had just watched the night before, an episode of The District 2, which is a series about missionaries on the mission that we have to train our new companions,and in that there were two missionaries that went through just about the same things. They were doing all they could and didnt have success. But finally, they were able to find someone who eventually got baptized (You should watch the District, it's pretty sweet and then you might understand this part better). But because of that, I had faith that something good was going to happen. And it did. A member came up to us during Church and said she had a reference and it was a little girl, 11 yearsold who had always been at church, I just didnt know she wasnt a member. So we were able to teach her and now she's preparring for a baptism the 16th of this month! Whoo!! It really strengthened my testimony that if we are doing all we can, working hard and being obedient, that the Lord will take care of us.

Well I don't have very much time today so I just want to finish saying, All is well in Ecuador! I still love being a missionary and I've really learned so much having a new companion. It's awesome here! Love you all a ton and miss you all!

The Coolest Missionary Ever,
Elder Joshua Lee!!

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