Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quito Week 16

Dear Family and Friends,
It's great to hear how well the whole family is doing! That's awesome about Nate going to go to the temple this week!!! And that Amanda sounds like she's doing well and Jake too. I'm glad he could go on a campout with the teachers quorum and all that. I still remember many of my experiences with my youth groups in church so I'm glad Jake can experience all that too.
Alrighty, now for my news. First off, this week was awesome!!! We had soo many miracles this week it was amazing. The first miracle was that we had a baptism !! Whoo!! I sent a couple of the pics. It was a 9 year old kid named Alexander and he is awesome. It really was an amazing baptism and he gave one of the best testimonies I've ever heard afterwards. Also, my companion and I have been working really hard, trying to find new people these last few weeks, and this week the Lord blessed us soo much for all that hard work. People just started popping out of everywhere. We had like 6 different references from members and we found a lot of people just out contacting. It was amazing. One of my favorite people we found is a guy named Maverick. He's a man, about 40 years old and an amazing investigator. He was a referal from a member and it was awesome how we found him. We were waiting in front of another member's house for Alexander to show up so we could teach him. The member there told us that another Sister was looking for us because she had a reference and right as she said that, the other Sister showed up with Maverick. We were able to teach him and now he's preparing for the 16th of March to get baptized. He really has been soo prepared by the Lord and is an amazing investigator. 

Well so it's been an amazing week. And I hope this week is similar. So now about other news, yes we heard about all the new missions they are going to make and that is awesome! That's so cool they're making two new missions in Arizona! Are we going to be in the Gilbert mission now? As for here in Quito, they are dividing this mission into two new missions. There's going to be Mission Quito North and Mission Quito. And they are going to be dividing the missionaries here too. From what I heard, when they split the missions, if we're in the Mission Quito North, then we'll stay in that mission and the same with mission Quito. President Ghent is going to be in the Mission Quito and a new mission president is going to be in the Mission Quito North. I heard it's another gringo from the States, but I don't know who it is. So there are going to be some crazy things happening here in this mission. Now I'll be able to say I served in two missions because I started in the North and now I'm in the south. But the sad part is that we won't be able to see a lot of the other missionaries now because they are going to split us all up. But this isn't happening until July so things will be normal for a while. 

So that's about it from me. Oh and I did eat cow intestines, lung and liver this week. That was interesting. Not too bad, but I think it made me a little sick. And I made your cookies mom and they were delicious!! Everyone lovvvvvvvvvvved your cookies and wants the receipt. They want to know how to make them. But I'm still doing well. Absolutely loving all the miracles that we've seen this week and I know that if we keep working hard we'll keep seeing all these miracles. Thanks again soo much for the roll-up piano and all the letters and packages! I love you all a ton and I friggin love being a missionary!!

Con all the Amor in the world,
Elder Joshua LEE!!!

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