Monday, February 11, 2013

Quito Week 14

Dear Fam and Friends,

Glad to hear everything is going well at home! And tell Jacob HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Whoo!!! The big 1-4. yeah buddy! he's already growing up. Next thing ya know he'll be somewhere down here in South America learning a little spanish too. And I'm happy to hear that everyone seems to be healthy and happy!

As for me, there's not much new going on here in Ecuador. Just living it up still. Oh but the rains have started here. And when it rains it rains. Everyone here said it was supposed to start raining in December, but it's just been hot until now. This last week it's rained like every day. And all day. Ugh... But it's not too bad. I do like the rain a little at least. And I have to enjoy it while I can because it never rains in AZ. But it has been really cold these last few days. I feel a little bad for my companion because he's from Guayaquil Ecuador and it's way hot there so he's been freezing these last couple days. But i'm taking care of him.
So yeah not much going on here. We're still working trying to find people to teach. We have a couple people who are planning to get baptized soon, but there's been problems with papers to get married and all that so we'll see what happens. It's been tough finding new people too, but my companion and I have decided we are going to try some new things this week to find new people to teach and I know the Lord will bless us.

And it's been a little tough at times because I feel like we really are working hard and we've been like 100% obedient and all that and we haven't had the success that we've wanted. But I know that we're going to find it. We just have to go a little bit further. So we're going to go a little farther this week and work a little harder and I know we're gonna find that success we want.

Oh and my birthday was pretty good. Not very birthday-ish though haha. It just felt like another day out in the mission field. I even forgot it was my birthday most of the day. Oh and on that day we had this contact that was pretty funny. He said he didn't want to talk to us because he said I was here from the good old USA trying to take over the world with religion. It was the first time I'd heard something like that so it made me laugh a little.
Well enjoy the pics! One is from my birthday where a family did give me some cake so that was pretty cool. The other one is of my with my son in the mission. And the last one is me with one of my favorite Elders from my group, elder Nelson. He's from Vegas and pretty chill (and not from utah like all the other gringos haha), But yeah that's about it from me this week. Still doing well! Love you all soo much and hope you all have a great week!

Elder Joshua Lee

Oh and I forgot. There was this earthquake this week that was crazy! Just a little tremble, but still crazy! My companion and I were sitting there studying and the whole ground just started to shake! But nothing happened so it's all good.

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