Monday, February 18, 2013

Quito Week 15

Dear Fam and Friends,
Well so first off this week my companion and I went to the offices and I got surprised by opening a package with a pedal and batteries in it. And then I got even more surprised by opening another package with a roll-up piano in it. So thanks soo much Mommy and Dad and Anna and Stu and Michael and Megan and Grandma and Grandpa!!! It was a sweet birthday gift!! Now I can learn to play more stuff on the piano in the house! It's hard to play like intense songs, but it is helpful to learn how to play new stuff and that's what i need it for so thanks a ton! But now that I have a piano, you already know I'm gonna need some more piano music to learn how to play.
So it's great to hear that everything is still going well with the family! Make sure you tell Jake happy birthday for me if you haven't already! I hope he had an awesome bday. Wow he's gonna be freaking 15 when I get back. That's weird. And I'm glad Ben had a good valentines day. El día de San Valentin passed all tranquilo here. All the latinos walking around with their boyfriends and girlfriends and me walking around with my boy Elder Grace haha.
Oh yeah so Elder Grace, my companion, is like way chill. He's a way humble dude and he knows how to cook which is soo awesome!! Whoo!! He cooks me food sometimes. I think the only things I've cooked on the mission so far are grilled cheese sandwhiches, cereal, and i've made eggs a couple times. But that's like it. Maybe I should learn to cook a little more. As long as it's something that doesn't involve rice (which I eat every friggin day). But I actually like the rice. i feel like if I don't eat something with rice then I don't get full.
This week was pretty tranquilo too. We didn't do a lot. Yesterday were the elections for the new president of Ecuador so we had to spend all the day in the house. We went to church for an hour then came back and were bored for like ever in the house. There was something about crazy people who hate gringos during that time or something, so they didn't let us missionaries go out that day. Oh and for the first time in my life, a bird pooped on me the other day. And I was like freak, that's never happened before. And then the next day it happened again. So that sucked a little bit. I might have to burn my clothes now.
So it's been a little tough here finding people lately. I feel like the people here in Quito are too much like the people in the States. We go contacting and no one wants to let us in. Everyone is Catholic and says they're gonna die Catholic. And I'm like, man we're not here to change your religion, we're just here to help you have more faith in Jesus and they're all like no I'm busy right now. Everyone is busy here all the time. But it's okay because I know we're going to find some new people to teach. Elder Grace and I are doing everything we can to find new people so I know it's going to happen. We're gonna work more with the members in this ward too so we can find some new people.

But that's about it. It's been a while since we've have a baptism, but we're gonna have one this week!! Yeah buddy! It's a kid of a less active family with a boy who just turned 9 so we get to baptize him! So yeah hopefully I'll have some good picks and stuff next week.
But that's about it from me. I'm still doing well. Healthy and happy and still loving being a missionary. And more recently, I've started enjoying the experiences that kind of suck here on the mission. Because those are the ones you learn the most from and they're kinda funny sometimes. But I love the awesome experiences too. And we're working hard to keep having those experiences. But yeah I love being a missionary. It's soo awesome. I don't know if I've said it before, but I think i'm like the happiest I've been in my life here on the mission. So it's freaking awesome here in Ecuador!! Love you all soo much! Have an amazing week!
Con Amor,
Elder Joshua Lee!!

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