Monday, March 11, 2013

Best Week Ever!! Quito Week 18

Dear Fam and Friends,

So this week was amazing because I got to go to my first Ecuatorian wedding!!!! It was sweet!!! There's this family that I've been teaching since I got to this sector in December. The husband is a member, but his wife wasn't, but she couldn't get baptized because they weren't married. And they couldn't get married because they had some problems with their papers and it's a lot harder to get married here in Ecuador than in the US. But there papers finally came through and they got married this week!!!! It was soo awesome! My companion and I got to go and I took a bunch of pictures and it was way cool! And then afterwards we went to their house and got to meet all their family and it was way cool. And then..... the day after... Alexa got baptized!!! Whoo!!! And she picked me to baptize her which was way awesome. It was probably my favorite baptism I've had so far. I really love this family soo much and it made for such and awesome week. i'm gonna try and send home a lot of pictures!

But yeah that really made for an awesome week. The rest of the week was good too, but not too much exciting happened. I'm still working hard and really loving being a missionary. I hope the whole fam is doing well and I miss you a ton! But I really have developed such a strong love for this work. When I can have weeks like this, it is amazing. I really have noticed just how really happy I am out here serving a mission. It's amazing to see the change the Gospel can make in people's lives and how happy they are when they have it. I'm going to be really sad when I have to leave this area because I have met soo many amazing families here, but I have at least 4 more weeks so I just need to keep working as hard as I can to find as many people as I can in this sector. Love you all soo much and hablamos la proxima semana!!!

Elder LEE!!!!

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