Monday, March 25, 2013

Los Chillos Week 2

Dear Fam and Friends!

Wow it sounds like a pretty crazy week at home! But I'm glad it sounds like it went well! I loved the few pictures of Ben at Disneyland. Everytime you tell me a story about something cute that he says, I can totally imagine him saying it in my mind haha. He is a little cuties. And I'm pumped to talk with him and the whole fam again in almos a month! Wow time flies by. And that's awesome that the whole family could come down for Nate's farewell. He's gonna be a stud missionary. And that's soo cool he gets to go to the MTC in Chile! I hope Amanda and Nathan both had awesome birthdays!!!

Well the big news this week is that they changed the email rules for all the missionaries. We now have 2 hours to send emails and we can email friends as well as family members! Whoo!!! I'll attach the copy of the letter from our president so you can see too. So all my homies, if you want, can send me emails now!! It's kinda sweet.

In other news, I really love my sector here. We have a lot of people that we are teaching and everything is going well. And we had a baptism this Saturday! He's a dude named Alex and he's kinda a stud. His wife is already a member and we've been teaching him. I actually only had like 2 lessons with the guy and he chose me to baptize him which was an honor. I sent some pics. But it went really well and hopefully we'll have some more baptisms this saturday!

It has been a little tough with my companions in this sector though. Being in a trio is a little difficult and one of my comps gets angry really easily, but i've learned a lot in my short week and a half here. I know the Lord put me in this companionship for a reason and that I can learn a lot from my companions. I've been learning a lot of patience and I've also realized that I've been a little bit prideful as a missionary. It's something that I need to do better. And I'm really going to work on being more humble this week to get along better with my comps.

But we also had some other cool things this week. FIrst, it's freezing in this sector too. We're on another mountain and it rains like everyday and the house is freezing. It even hailed one of the days! Or more like 3 different times! But I'm more adjusted to the cold now so it's not too bad. Also, one of our mamitas, or the families that give us food, took us to a buffet this week. That was awesome. Not quite as good as an American buffet, but still delicious. Oh and we had kind of an interesting contact this week. We were out knocking doors and out came this Catholic dude (no surprise. Everyone here is Catholic). But we started talking and we found out that he was a Catholic missionary in a special group with other Catholics. And then he started talking about how he talks with angels and they let him know what's going to happen. He said there are a lot of things planned for this year, especially in August. It was a really interesting experience and I felt really weird talking to him haha. But now I have a funny story.

So that's about it this week. Thanks a ton to Sister Isom for the letter she sent me! I got it this week and it was really great! I'm really excited to be in this area and I know there are a lot of things that I have to learn here and a lot of people that I need to help. Even with the cold and having to climb hills and everything, I like this new sector a lot and I'm really happy to be here. I'm also excited to have 2 hours to email and to anyone we want! Whoo! haha. But it's amazing being a missionary! I wouldn't trade it or the lessons I've learned here for anything in the world. Miss you all a ton and talk to you next week!

Con Muchísimo Amor,

Elder Joshy LEE!!!

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