Monday, March 18, 2013

Los Chillos Week 1

Dear Fam and Friends,

It's great to hear that the family is doing well! I'm glad they are all enjoying spring break! And that's awesome that Amanda and Jake got to go on trek! It was soo much fun for me and I hope they enjoyed it! And that's crazy that Nate is already going to give his farewell talk. Wow time really flies by. Just another 2 weeks and he'll be in the MTC. He's gonna be such and awesome missionary. And thanks soo much for the pictures!

Well here in Ecuador, the big news is that I got transfered. For me it was actually really sad. I really came to love the people there in Atahualpa (my last sector) and I was soo sad to leave. Especially my convert Alexa and her husband Leo. They're the family we got married last week and it was really hard to say goodbye to them. I felt like I was leaving home for the second time. I fell like that is something I've learned a lot about on the mission, charity. i really have come to love the people here in Ecuador. But that's the missions, and I'm excited to get to know the people in my new sector and learn to love them too. My new sector is called Los Chillos. It's a valley a little outside of Quito. I'm up on the mountain side, but more in the valley the people have a TON of money. They have giant houses and I feel like i'm in the states sometimes haha. But that's not my sector. Oh and I'm in a trio. My companions are Elder Soria from Argentina and Elder Hidalgo from Ecuador. Elder Hidalgo is another new missionary, so Im training again. And Elder Soria has 10 months. It's a little difficult being in a trio and especially because Elder Hidalgo and Elder Soria don't get along so well, but I'll make it through and be able to hlep the people in this sector.

Well that's the only news from me. Life is still going well and the mission too. Oh and they changed the rules now so that we can email other missionaries in the mission! Whoo!! So if you could send me the emails of like Taylor Heyman, McGyver Mann and anyother homies in the mission that'd be sweet. Oh and Alli Farnsworth too. But that's about it! Love you all soo much and talk to you next week!!

Con Amor,

Elder LEE!!

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