Monday, May 13, 2013

Dear Fam and Friends!

First off, Happy Mother's Day! Again mom!! haha. I hope you had an awesome one! it was way great to get to talk to you all. it's good to know everyone is doing well and that you all are just as dorky as ever too haha.
Well there's not much new since yesterday from me. Just today I went with another gringo to this restaurant here in the mall. it's this restaurant called El Corral and we bought a 9 buck hamburger (which is as expensive as heck here!) but it was sooo good. One of the best hamburgers I've ever had. And then afterwards, for the first time here in Ecuador, I found a place where they sell rootbeer. A 22 ounce cup cost 3 bucks but it was soo worth it because it was delicious!! Im sending some pictures of the burger because it was huge!!

Umm I don't have that much time to write today, but that's about all I've got to say. I got the package from Aunt Megan today which was soo awesome! Thank you soo much Aunt Megan!!! And Uncle Michael a bit too haha. But yeah I'm still doing great. really tired lately. I'm not sure why. but yeah it's all good! I'm still just living it up and doing work in Ecuador! Next time I promise I'll send more and have more details but I love you all sooo much and it was awesome to talk to you all!
Love, Ya Boy,
Elder Joshy LEEEE!!!!!

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