Monday, May 6, 2013

Welcome To The Jungle

Dear Family and Friends,

So this week went really well! My companion and I are doing pretty dang good which is tight. And we had another baptism this week! Whoo!!! Well actually 3. They're the kids of a family (the Castillo Family) that we've been teaching here. The parents can't get baptized yet because the dad has to get divorced first and then they have to get married, but we're helping them with that! But it was a great baptism. This family is really humble, that's what I like soo much about them. The Lord has really prepared them to hear the message of the Gospel. There are 7 in this family and they live in a one room house. There is only room for a bed and a stove to cook and hardly room to stand. It is really humbling to see how they live and yet how happy they are. Especially now that they have the gospel in their lives. The baptism went really well. I sent a photo or two of it so you can see!
Then today, with our zone we went to some waterfalls that are close by our zone and it was awesome! It was a place that looked like not many people go there and there were some way cool sights. I'm sending a bunch of pictures so you all can see too. But there were a few waterfalls (we thought there was going to be a really big one but we got disappointed in that a little bit, but its all good) and some other cools things. Like this one really rickety bridge we walked across. It was intense and I almost fell haha. We really felt like we were in a scene from Jurassic Park or something like that because it was raining a bit and we were way far away from everything city wise. But it was a lot of fun. A little dangerous too because it was raining. Almost everyone slipped and fell at least once. There was an elder who fell down like 30 feet of stairs and really tweaked up his leg, but he'll be okay and still had fun.
Besides that, there's not a lot new here. Like a week ago this one family showed up to church because they wanted to talk to a gringo for help with an English project that one of the kids needed to do. So we sent them all to classes and said we'd help them out after church and they loved church soo much that they came back yesterday. It's the Family Rodriguez and they are way awesome! Now we are teaching them and hopefully are going to help them to accept the Restored Gospel.
Well so yeah I'm still doing great! just loving Ecuador! hope you enjoy all the pictures! Oh and so I'm planning on calling at like 4 o'clock here in Ecuador time. That's like 2 your time i believe. So if Anna and Stu want come over or the Hills or whoever else that'd be awesome!! I love you all sooo much and hope everything is still going well!! ill talk to you on Sunday!!!!! :))))

Con Muchìsimo amor,
Elder Joshyy LEEE!!!!

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