Monday, May 27, 2013


Dear Fam and Friends,

First off, thanks a ton for the pictures mom! They are awesome! I especially love the one of Jessie. She's a little cutie hahah.
I'm really sorry to hear about Nate's homesickness. It can be sooo hard at first. I cried myself to sleep at nights like my first month in Ecuador (I don't know if you knew that. Know that I made it through all right and I'm doing great now haha). It was way hard for me too. But I decided I would stick it out no matter what and now it's like the greatest thing in the world. I friggin love being a missionary!! But I had to make it through the tough times first for the fun times to come.

Well about me, I'm still doing great! We had a baptism this week which was awesome! It was a family that we got married this week!! Whoo!!! And then they got baptized on Sunday. It was really awesome. It's the Astudillo Family. And they are awesome. They are already in 3rd Nephi reading the Book of Mormon and they paid tithing and fast offerings even before being baptized. They are way awesome. I have some pictures, but this computer kinda stinks so i can't send them this week. but I will for sure send them next week!!
We also had Stake Conference this week. That was pretty tight. It was the second time I've been in a Stake Conference in the mission and it was chill! President Ghent was there and talked a bit and there was a General Authority from Venezuela. A Seventy named like Elder Karon or something like that. But his talk was chill. He made all us missionaries go up to the front and sing Called to Serve. I sang pretty dang well. And the mic was like right in front of my mouth so everyone heard me singing. I got kinda a sexy voice. No big deal. I hope I can still say that as a missionary haha. But yeah it was tight!
To answer some questions, for breakfast in the morning i almost always cook like an egg or two and eat bread. With like soda or something; and yes, I can cook eggs now. not really anything else, but I can cook eggs. or I eat ramen. but i usually don't cook it because that takes time haha. We always eat lunch with members and they give us some good stuff to eat. sometimes weird stuff, but its still good. and then we usually don't eat dinner unless someone gives us a little something to eat. but it's okay because lunch is the biggest meal here. weird huh? but yeah that's how it is.
Yeah and your other questions I'll have to answer next week cause I'm running low on time and I still gotta email Rachel and some other fools. But love you all soo much! and i am praying and fasting for Nate too! i know he'll be alright! love you mom! and don't worry about me. I'm doing amazing.

Elder Joshy LEE!!

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