Monday, June 10, 2013

Service and Hot Showers

Dear Family and Friends,

This week not a lot happened. We did a service this week that was the service of the services. My whole body hurts right now and it was like 2 days ago. But it was fun too. We had to move like 500 cinder blocks to the 2nd and 3rd floors of a house. that was crazy. We made a line and just chucked cinder blocks to each other. It made it go quickly, but we were all dying at the end. We were sweating and our arms were dead and all that. but it was still fun. If this computer lets me I'll send some pictures. 

I don't really have anything else exciting to say. Let's see. A normal day in my life is get up at 6:30 and do some exercises. Exercises are usually push ups and lifting jugs full of water as weights. Then I shower and shave and eat breakfast and all that good stuff. The shower in our house now is awesome. I love hot showers even more now after having to shower in cold water for 6 weeks. that was terrible. Then I study the scriptures and Preach My Gospel for and hour and afterward my companion and I study together. Then we hit the streets. We contact or go to appointments and teach the people. Something that does kind of stink here is a lot of the time the appointments fall through. We get to someone's house and they aren't there. Then we have to find someone else to visit or contact over there. It happens a lot. 

Right now my companion and I have to find some more people to teach. It's been a little tough. The people we've contacted here don't really want anything from us. And we've struggled in getting referrals from the members. But we're gonna keep working and find more people. The time really has flown by here. I feel like yesterday I just got here to this sector. It honestly scares me. I look back and I can't see how the time went by soo fast. I want it to go slower. The mission is awesome and I'm not ready to go home yet (even though I do miss all of you haha). And it's scary to think that in 4 days I'll have already been out for a year. Yikes. Time flies by,.

Well mom...... Happy Birthday!!!! I'm like never going to be able to forget your birthday now because I got to the mission the same day as your birthday. haha. I hope you have an amazing birthday. Tell dad to do something nice for you. You really are the bestest mom ever. Did you ever get that letter I sent you? i hope it got there. I love you sooooo much mom!! Thanks for everything! And the next time I write I'll have been in the mission for a year! Whoo!!! Love you!!!


Elder Joshy LEEE!!!!

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