Monday, June 3, 2013

Mexican Food and Oatmeal

Hey Fam!!

Well I'm glad to hear that you all are doing well.
I've had some cooler experiences this week too. The first one is that we're teaching this guy who's name is Marcelo. He's way tight. He's like a 60 year old dude who's a Roman Catholic, but he's way cool. He's the brother of a member who lives in California in the states and they came to visit and gave us the reference. His sister and her husband (who's from Mexico) came to visit for a little bit and so we've been teaching her brother and its an awesome family. What I miss more than anything here is Mexican food and the guy from Mexico made us Mexican food. But I realized that I'm more of a fan of Americanized Mexican food because the food he gave us was cow tongue tacos. So I finally got to try cow tongue. And it wasn't too bad. Not as great as everyone told me it was but I did enjoy it. So yeah that was fun.

Oh and I got bit by a dog again this week. But it didn't do anything to me so I'm okay.
And there are a ton of freaking sister missionaries now. It's like crazy. Almost more sisters show up than elders. and there's a sister in our zone who is 19 years old. that's weird. I'm like older than a sister missionary... wow... hahah but its way tight too. Rachel told me she was starting her papers to go on a mission. that's soooo awesome!!! whoo!!! maybe she'll learn Spanish too.

Umm yeah to like finish, I'm changing more how I eat. I got tired of eating bread and eggs every morning so now I'm buying more stuff. I'm starting to make oatmeal in the mornings and i absolutely love it now. i don't know why i didn't eat it before the mission.  oatmeal is good.

Oh and I'm sending some more pictures. a couple are of the baptism we had last week and the one we had this weekend too!! whoo!!! but now we have to find more people because just about everyone has gotten baptized. and some other cool pics too.

I love you all sooo much and talk to you next week!!!


Elder LEE!!!

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