Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Baptism!

Hey Fam!!
I hope you all had fun in California! I'm definitely planning a trip to the beach like for pretty soon after I get back. I miss the beach now. But I'm glad it sounds like everyone is doing well (except for maybe jake who lost his phone).
I'm doing well here in Ecuador. We had a baptism this weekend which was sweet! His name is Solomon. He's a like 14 year old kid but he's way tight. And he got baptized which was awesome! Here's a pic I'm sending with.
Umm so that broadcast they gave from the Marriot Center at BYU about missionary work was awesome! It really was amazing. They talked a lot about stuff that I feel like we need in every ward. It really helped me want to work even harder and be an even more boss missionary. And hopefullly it helped out a lot of members too. We've been struggling here a little bit with the references and so hopefully they have a lot of desires to start working now. Also, we got a new bishopric, a new elders quorum presidency, a new relief society presidency and just about everything else this Sunday. so now we'll be working with a lot of new leaders, but we're excited to start working with them. they're gonna be excited to start working in their callings and help us out as missionaries so we're gonna get them working! and hopefully that means we'll start helping out more in the ward.
Also, they might be adding two more missionaries to our ward. I won't know for sure until sometime this week, but for now I have to decide where I want to divide the sector and try and find more mamitas so the other missionaries have places to eat and all that good stuff. we'll see what happens. and if they give us two more missionaries we'll all be living in the same house so that might be kinda cool. hopefully some new cool elders come.
So my companion also goes home this week. Or dies as we say in missionary terms. He finishes his two years here next monday so i'll definitely be getting a new companion. I just have to keep him working one more week. It might be a little tough because he just talks about home and all that stuff, but I'll keep him working.

So there's not a lot else going on. The other pic is when my companion and I made lunch because our mamita wasn'`t at home. we made rice and spaghetti. and it was good! but yeah that's all I've got going on. any questions? I'm still doing well and absolutely loving Ecuador!! Love you all soo much!!
Elder Joshy LEEEEEEE

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