Monday, November 18, 2013

Scary Neighbors and Early Thanksgiving Dinner

Dear Fam and Friends,

So life is pretty good here in Ambato. My companion and I had a pretty good week. We met this awesome family, the Acosta Family and they are dope. They are the family members of some members of the church and they are way cool! We met them and they came to church and they already have their answer that the church is true and everything. The problem is that on Thursday they are going to Miami to go to Disney World and visit the states. So their baptism is going to have to wait awhile, but it'll come!! 

Oh and we had the scariest thing happen this week. So my companion and I got back to the house at like 930 at night and started planning for the next day. And all of a sudden we started hearing some arguing and raised voices. So we stuck our heads out the door because we thought it was coming from down the street and we found out it was coming from the floor just above us in the house. Then the people upstairs started yelling really loud and we heard things being thrown around and plates breaking and girls started screaming and it was freaking scary. And the yelling went on for like an hour and a half. I thought someone was going to end up like killing someone else or something. Then the guy who was yelling left and the girl and her parents were just there and then the parents started yelling at the girl for like another hour and a half. We were soo freaked out that we couldn't go to bed and just stayed up listening until like 1230 at night. When we finally went to bed they were still arguing. I felt really bad. Something like that would never happen in the states. If people started yelling like that someone would call the police and they'd come do something. The police don't do anything here in Ecuador. But things have been calmer these last couple days so I think everything is okay. 

Oh and foolishly we thought that Thanksgiving was the 3rd Thursday of the month and so today we did a zone activity thinking Thanksgiving was this Thursday. But when I called President Ghent to ask for permission to do the activity he told me that Thanksgiving isn't until next week. I felt kinda dumb and really cut off from the world of the USA, but we ate turkey and the activity was okay so yeah. I'm going to send home a pic too I think. 

Umm oh and the pics are of the way cool family we found that is going to the states and of one of my converts, Luisa, who went to Colombia on Saturday. So I gave her an Arizona Tshirt so that she remembers Arizona. That is an awesome family and I hope the rest of them get baptized soon. OH and the other one is of me in front of the Lee jeans store again. They are just everywhere here haha. But yeah things are going well! Make sure and send Rachel my love!! Love you all soo much!!

Elder Joshua Lee

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