Monday, November 25, 2013

Guinea Pig and Rabbit for Dinner

Wow sounds like it was a pretty crazy week and like it's going to be even more crazy with Thanksgiving and everything. Who is Uncle Stu gonna take with him to go shopping this year?? He's gonna need a partner haha. And that's cool that you only have to make one turkey. I just ate the turkey. Thankfully I haven't had to cook one yet. 

Life is still going well here in Ecuador. This week was pretty chill. Not a lot happened again. Just some usual mission stuff. We did eat Guinea Pig again this week. And I tried Rabbit!! It was actually really good. I liked rabbit better than guinea pig. But they are both are really good. This awesome family in the ward gave us rabbit to eat because we hadn't tried it yet. The ward here is awesome too. The members really try to help us out and are working on the Lord´s work.

We had a training over satilite from the Area Presidency this week. They talked about the importance of the missionaries working with the members. They also stressed a lot the importance of Ward Council. We have a new thing in our Area where we have to have Ward Council every week. They have put a big focus on rescuing less active members too. In Ward council we just talk about the names of the families and how we can help them. It's actually really cool because we are seeing a change in missionary work and the members are really starting to become involved. It helps a lot as a missionary when the members are helping us with referals and giving us people to teach.

Umm so I'm also sending home pictures of a baptism we had!!1 Whoo!!! His name is Fabian and he's a way good guy. He really has made a lot of changes in his life and it was awesome to see him get baptized. He's gonna be a good convert. I'm also sending home a picture of a like mud house that's in my sector. We have a pretty poor part in our sector here and it's kinda cool.

Well that's about it for this week. I hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving!!! Eat a lot of turkey and watch a lot of football for me! Next one I'll be there too! And I'll make sure and get some Black Friday shopping in next year with Stu. Tell him to get me something cool on Black Friday haha. Love you sooo much!!!

Con amor,

Elder Joshua Lee

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