Monday, January 6, 2014

Another Week of Miracles

Dear Family and Friends,

I'm sorry it sounds like everyone's been a bit sick. I've been a lot better this week. Zero sickness here. And I'm glad it sounds like everyone has had a good Christmas break.

I'm doing great here in Ecuador. Especially being here in Santo Domingo. I just love the people soo much. And the work is going amazingly well here. We had another awesome week with another baptism! Whoo!! Lourdes got baptized. She's the wife of a member who had been excommunicated. They have been going to church together for like 2 years now, but they couldn't get married because of problems with their papers, but finally 2 weeks ago they got married! And she got baptized this weekend. And now her husband who was excommunicated is getting baptized tomorrow!! They are a great family and they'll be able to get to the temple someday. 

Then the week was even better when we got 10 of our investigators to church! We have an investigator, Marcia, who is doing really well. She went on vacation last weekend to Ambato, my old sector, and while she was there she talked to the missionaries there and went to church in Ambato. And now she's going to be getting baptized this weekend with her two kids! Then we had another awesome family show up to church. The Familia Burgos. The dad in the family was a less active member for like 30 years. But now he has decided he wants to start going back to church. And so he is bringing his whole family with him. We've been teaching them for about a month now and are doing great. And his 4 kids should be getting baptized on Saturday as well! So with a lot of faith we could have 7 baptisms on Saturday. So pray for us. And we are helping him and his wife so that they can get married and then she'll be getting baptized as well. 

Then we saw another miracle yesterday. Well a while back a member had shown us a house where he said a less active family lived that we should go visit. So we went to go find them on Saturday. We knocked on the door and a lady answered and said that the family we were looking for didn't live there. So we started talking to her and found out her name was Jenny and we invited her to church on Sunday. And then yesterday at church, she just showed up with her 2 kids. And they all really loved church and her kids even said that they wanted to get baptized. Now we just have to teach them a little more and help them get to baptism. We really have seen so many blessings and miracles from the Lord in this week. 

So I just absolutely love the mission. Everything is going very well. Keep our investigators in your prayers so that they can keep progressing and get to a baptism and eventually to be sealed as a family in the temple! I love you all soo much! 

Con Amor,

Elder Joshua Lee

PS Here are some pictures of the baptism and when they burned their Paper Mache dolls for New Years. 

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