Monday, January 13, 2014

Six Baptisms plus Cow Tongue, Cow liver, and a Chicken Foot

Dear Fam and Friends,

First, thanks to Dad for the pictures he sent me!! They are awesome! It looks like everyone had a great Christmas together in Utah. And I'm glad everyone is getting back into the swing of things with school and normal life. 

Life here in the mission is awesome!! I just love being a missionary more and more. We had an amazing week here. It was amazing because we had 6 baptisms this weekend!! Probably the best weekend of the mission so far. They were 2 different families. The first was a Marcia and her 2 kids, Melanie and Jesus. She is a divorced mom and lives with her 5 little kids. But she is awesome. We found her one day in the house of a less active member that we went to visit. And she really liked what we taught and kept progressing really well. The other family is the Burgos family. The dad is a less active member for about 25 years. He got baptized when he was about 11 years old and then went inactive. But he has amazing desires to go back to church and get sealed with his family. 3 of his kids got baptized on Saturday. He has one other daughter that couldn't get baptized on Saturday, but is going to get baptized this weekend. And we are helping him and his wife get married so that she can get baptized too. They are an awesome family.

So I'm like super happy right now. My companion and I are working very well together and have been having a lot of success here. I don't want to leave yet. But I should be here for a good while longer so that's good news. 

So to finish, for lunch today I had a plate of rice and cow tongue and cow liver and chicken foot. It was rather interesting. It wasn't my favorite meal, but it wasn't too delicious haha. So I'm sending some pictures of the baptism and of when my companion and I went to this big hill in our sector. Everything is really green here. Well l hope you have a great week!
Elder Joshua Lee

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