Monday, August 27, 2012

Ecuador First Baptism

Hey Fam and Friends!

So a little about things here. Things are getting a lot better. I´m still having a bit of a tough time, but it has improved soo much and it is getting better everyday. I can´t wait till I get Spanish down though. I feel like things will be soo much more awesome when that happens. But to answer some of your questions, the bus I rode on was pretty nice. It had big comfy seats and tvs and stuff like that. But the city buses aren´t very nice, so it sounds kind of like how it was for dad too. Oh and if you heard anything about the volcano that erupted here in Ecuador, don´t worry. It´s no where near me haha.
The food is pretty good. Since I´m on the coast I´ve had a ton of seafood. The members feed us some kind of fish almost every day. And even though I wasn´t the biggest fish fan back home, the fish here is delicious and I think it tastes way better! Oh and with every meal we get a giant plate of rice. It´s been a little hard to finish some of the meals because there is soo much food, but I try to eat as much as I can so as not to offend anyone. And my stomach is adjusting to the food pretty well. I haven´t gotten really sick or anything yet which is a good thing! And even with all the food the members feed us, I´ve still lost 10 pounds already since being out here. It´s got to be all the walking and sweating I´ve been doing here haha.
My companion is pretty cool. He´s a good guy and helps me out a lot. He´s been out on the mission for about 13 months now so he is a really good teacher and has spanish down really well. I almost wish I had gotten a latino companion because I feel like my companion and I talk in English too much, but that is something we can work on. I want to speak in spanish as much as possible so I can learn as quickly as possible!
So one of the highlights of the week was that I had my first baptism on the mission! I don´t know if it entirely counts because my companion baptized him and I only taught him a couple lessons, but he was the first one! A kid named Jahir who is about 13 years old. It was an awesome experience and I can´t wait to find more people to bring to Christ.
Alright so now the main highlight of this last week...... Elder Holland came to Quito!! All of us elders went to Quito and got to listen to Elder Holland speak. I got to shake his hand and it was such an awesome experience! He spoke with such power and it made me want to really do the best I can out here. And I can say with all my heart now, that I know that that man is an apostle of Jesus Christ, and that this church is true. I know that without a doubt in my heart and I am so grateful to be out here serving the Lord.
Alright that is all I really have time to send. Thanks so much for the emails and the prayers! If any other friends and family get a chance to send a letter sometime that would be awesome! And if you have any other questions please ask! I love you all and miss you all so much!

Elder Joshua Lee

P.S. If you ever get a chance to send a package things like a box of mixed nuts or beef jerkey would be awesome. (cause they don´t have those here). Love you!

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