Thursday, August 9, 2012

Peru Week 5

Hey family!

So this is my last email I'm going to be sending from Peru! I leave either this tuesday or wednesday for Ecuador!! And about time. I've been ready to go for the longest time. Being in the MTC is good and fun and all, but I'm ready to get out in the field and start helping people and teaching the Gospel. I'm no where near ready with the language (I still can't understand most of the stuff I hear), but I'm not too worried about it. The first few months in the field might be pretty tough, but for some reason I'm really excited for the challenge and to not be able to understand anything. And especially to start helping people to change their lives. So I might get another chance to call home at the airport, but I'm not entirely sure.

Anyways this last week has been a little different. I think that 9 weeks in the MTC for Spanish speakers is too long. I feel like my learning of the language has slowed these past couple weeks and I feel like I would learn more being out in the field. But only a couple more days! Also, something not so good happened this week. The past couple weeks some people had been getting stuff stolen; a couple watches, some money, and some other stuff had disappeared. But two days ago someone took our teacher's iPad. He brings an iPad to class and uses it for his work and stuff. He even bought it with his own money. And that day we went to dinner and then came back and the iPad was gone. We had a big meeting afterwards where President Cardon had to talk with everyone about finding out what happened. It really is a shame if a missionary did take it because we are all supposed to be here as representatives of Christ. They've searched all our rooms and all over the MTC and have yet to find it so it is possible someone besides a missionary took it, but we just don't know. I feel really bad for my teacher because he is such a great guy and he was really upset about it. But besides that episode everything has been going well here.

There's not much else new that had happened. We went proselyting again outside the MTC this last saturday and it was another good experience. We got to talk to a couple less active members and contact some new people. It's amazing to see how the Lord has prepared some of these people to hear His message. Even in these little 5 hour trips outside the MTC to teach, there have been companions who have committed a new investigator to baptism, and most of the people I've talked to were very interested in the message and we set up an appointment for the real missionaries to return and teach them more. Hopefully the seeds we plant will help these people come unto the Restored Gospel of Christ.

Well that's about it. 5 more days or so and I'll finally be in Ecuador!! Hopefully my emails start getting more exciting then. I really hope I get a chance to serve in the jungle! And to learn the language Cechewa (I don't think I spelled it right) but if it happens I'll make sure and let you know all about it! Thanks again soo much for all the letters and prayers!

Con amor,
Elder Joshua Lee

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