Monday, August 20, 2012

Ecuador Week #2

Hey Fam!

My p days here are on mondays so Ill have a chance to email you every monday. Well so I am now here in Ecuador! And my first zone (drum roll please) is in Esmereldas! Sorry I probably spelled that wrong. So Im actually no where near Quito. I had to take a 7 hour bus ride to get out here and that was no fun. But I am here on the coast. Today we didnt really have a p day so I didnt get a chance to take pictures, but Ill try and get some good ones next week.

So it is kind of crazy here. Ive probably sweat more than I ever have in my life, but Im getting used to it slowly. It isnt too terribly hot here, but it is really humid which is the hard part. My companion is Elder Housley, another gringo from Utah. Im kind of glad I have a gringo companion because even though Im not going to learn the language as fast, it makes it an easier transition. And it has actually been pretty hard being here. Ive had a bit of a hard time these first couple days because I still cant understand anyone and can't speak Spanish very well, but its getting better. These last like 2 days have been loads better than before. Ive been able to talk a little more in our lessons and as of right now we have 12 people with a baptismal date! Whoo!! I'm finally here and doing the Lord´s work. I just need to try harder to lose myself in the work and I will start having the time of my life. Everytime that i forget about myself and focus on others I feel soo much better.

Oh and a couple more quick things. Here on the coast like all of the people are black. So it´s just a bunch of black people who speak spanish down here. And some of them aren´t so little. There are some rather big black guys here which is kind of funny. Also there is this gang here who gives all the missionaries nicknames. My nickname is Calveiro which more or less translates to baldy in english. It´s not because I´m going bald though! I´ve still got all my hair at least for now. But it´s because I look like a guy in their gang who is bald.

Well that´s a little about what is going on here. It is pretty hard being here and this is as of now probably the hardest thing I´ve done in my life, but at the same time I love being here. I love being here because I love this Gospel soo much and how much it has blessed my life. I am way excited to share it with others and help people come to Christ through baptism. Ill be having my first couple here soon! Thanks soo much for all your prayers and I miss you all a ton!
Elder Joshua Lee

P.S. So if you want to send letters dearelder still works here and I should get letters every thursday, but it´s cooler to get hand written letters if you all want to send any. Thanks for all the letters so far!
P.P.S. hi from Elder Housley.... dont worry about a thing...your son is a very good missionary and is doing a great job out here for his first week, it was awesome... Ill try to take care of him the best I can... although I cant promise anything ;) haha  have fun this week and dont worry about him... he is in the lord hands now :D

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