Monday, April 22, 2013

Dear Fam and Friends,

Hey!!!  I'm doing great!! Like you said, I got a chance to talk to dad for a few minutes on the phone on Friday. That was weird. I didn't want to call him haha. And it's because I want to stay focussed of the work here. But it didn't distract me too much and it was nice to get a chance to talk to him for a few minutes.

Oh and this week we had another baptism!!1 Whoo!!! And it was about time! This guy who got baptized was supposed to get baptized like 4 months ago but there was always some problem or other but he finally got baptized! His name is Wilmer. But he didn't show up to church on Sunday so he hasn't gotten confirmed yet. Now we just have to make sure he goes to church this next week. But we're going to do it!!

So I love this sector a ton. There are so many people here who are ready and willing to hear the Gospel. In 6 weeks here I've had like 8 baptisms and we had 8 more investigators go to church this Sunday. It is sooo awesome to be in this sector as a missionary!!! And I know there are even more people here that we have to find. The only thing is that it's been a little difficult with my companions. They almost got into a fight this week and I had to break them up. It's been a little tense here, but I'm trying to help my companions stay calm and I think one of them is going to get changed this week so hopefully things will be more tranquilo my next letter haha.
But yeah, that's about it from me. The pictures I'm sending are from a special setting in one of my companions cameras so we took some funny pictures haha. I'll send as many as I can. But I want you to know I love you all sooo much and thanks for the email and the notes and all that good stuff. I'm still having an amazing time here in Ecuador and just living it up!!! Hasta el proximo lunes!!!
Elder Joshy LEE!!!!!!!!!

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