Tuesday, April 16, 2013

District Leader Week 2

Dear Family and Friends,

It sounds like it was a really eventful week. And Nate is finally off. Wow. It probably will be a little tough at first, but he'll be alright. Just keep praying for him a lot. After he makes it through the first month or two he'll be good to go. He's a tough guy. And I'm glad to hear the rest of the family is doing well! Keep them working hard. And that's crazy that Bishop Brown got released! But Brother Tomlinson is an awesome guy and he's going to be a great bishop. Tell them that if they want or have the time they can send me emails now. It'd be awesome to hear from them or from Brother Clouse. And has anyone else from the ward gotten a mission call and heading out?

As for me, this week was pretty chill. We had another baptism this week which was awesome. It was a girl of like 13 years named Paula. But it went perfectly and it was an awesome baptism. Besides that, now a lot has gone down. I've been a little sick this week which was a bit of a bummer, but I'll make it through. I think that something I ate made my stomach bad. But yeah it's all good! Oh and I've also eaten iguana now. But I'd eaten it before without knowing about it so I don't think that made me sick. Oh and today I have my first baptismal interview as a district leader so we'll see how that goes! But besides the sickness I am doing amazing! Still working hard and finding new people to teach.

We had one kind of cool experience this week. We were going contacting to find new people to teach and we came to a fork in the road. We couldn't decide which road to take so I said 'Let's let the spirit decide' and I flipped a coin to see which road to take. It fell tails so we took the road on the left and as we were walking a little kid came up and started asking us questions. We told him to take us to his house to meet his family and he took us there and apparently his family had been listening to the missionaries before but then they moved and lost contact. We talked with them and now there are 5 people that are preparing to be baptized the 4th of May. Even though I said a little jokingly that we should let the spirit decide, I really feel like the spirit helped us to take that road and find this family. Now we just have to do everything possible to help them progress.

Well that's all I've got. I hope you enjoy the pictures! Next week I'll hopefully have more! I love you all a ton!

Elder Joshy LEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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