Monday, April 1, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,

I'm glad it sounds like everyone had an awesome easter!!  It's really amazing how fast the year flies by.
I don't have a lot of time to write this week, so you might not get pictures until next week sorry. But today as a zone we went to Cotopaxi. That's why I don't have a lot of time to write. But Cotopaxi is an active volcano that has snow on it! And yes there is snow in Ecuador haha. But it was pretty fun I guess. And really freaking cold. I didnt really bring snow clothes with me to Ecuador so it got pretty chilly up there. And there wasn't even really snow. I took one picture with a tiny bit of snow and that's all we could find. There was more snow higher up, but we didn't have time to keep climbing. But it was still a lot of fun.

Also, we had some baptisms this week! Whoo!! The Ruíz family. It is a mom and her two daughters and it went great. I like this new sector a lot because we have a lot more people that we are teaching and helping to come unto Christ.
Oh and one funny story this week. Well in the U.S., like 3 days ago or something there was daylights savings time. Here in Ecuador that doesn't exist because the sun always rises at 6 and sets at 6. But I bought my watch in the U.S. and it automatically changes to daylight savings time. I didn't realize it, and on Sunday my companions and I got up at 5:30 instead of 6:30 because of my alarm. I didn't even think about it still being dark outside and I didn't realize my watch had changed to an hour earlier until church started an hour late (or so I thought). My companions got a little upset at me for making them get up a little early, but it was pretty funny haha.

Well so that's about all I've got for this week. Sorry but I didn't have much time to write, so I'll write more next week! Love you all and hope you have an awesome week! And Nate's going on a mission in a week!!! Ahh!!!! Haha love you all a ton!

Elder Joshua LEE!!

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