Monday, July 29, 2013

Sewing Skills and Donkeys

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow mom, thanks so much for the update. I'm glad that all the kids are doing well too. Now back in school and back in the swing of things. Kinda crazy!! I'll be back with you all by the end of the school year. Weird!! hahaha

So I'm still doing well. This week wasn't as great as last week but it was still pretty good and I'm still pretty happy. There weren't any big events this week. My companion and I made tacos one day which were delicious. I'm sending some pics. And there's another pic with me and a donkey. My companion and I just saw it while we were walking one day. Ecuador is weird sometimes. 

So this week I had a couple pairs of pants tear. The pocket got a hole in it and another pair of pants got a hole. I'm getting old now. But I'm kinda a boss and sewed it up. That part is kinda so people can know that I can sew a little bit. I'm a pretty talented and diverse guy. haha. oh and I threw up for the first time in my mission. It was actually a week ago I just forgot to tell you about it. It was because I ate avocado and it messed me up. I'm still not a big avocado fan even though they eat it a ton here. Oh and I'm getting like way ripped because my companion and I go running like every day in the mornings. So when I get back and try running in Arizona I'm gonna be able to do it piece of cake because of the altitude. Oh and I'm gonna take some more pictures of the house this week so you can see where I'm living. It's actually a really nice house. it's 2 stories. the best house I've been in my whole mission. Whoo!!! Sorry my letter is so scatterbrained. I'm trying to get a lot in and I don't have a ton of time to write. Oh and I'm going to send some pictures of the volcano that erupted because it's been erupting like these whole 2 weeks. kinda cool! love you all a ton! I'll write more next week I promise!

Con amor,

Elder Joshua LEEEEEEE

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