Monday, March 31, 2014

Baptisms and more Baptisms

Dear Family and Friends,
Well, things sounds pretty normal and boring at home. Cool beans. We had interviews with President Ghent this week and he said that the last little time goes really slowly for the parents at home. At least he said that's how he felt when his son went on a mission. Is that true? Because time just seems to go faster here. And it's really scary haha.

But it was a pretty great week here in Ecuador. We had some sweet baptisms!! Whoohoo!!! And they are some cool peeps. First, (and I am sending home pictures of all of them) Alejandra and Mishell got baptized. They are sisters that we found while out contacting. They already had some friends at church and they like church a lot and got baptized! Their parents aren't married so we are trying to help them too. Then, the niece of the wife of the first councilor in the bishopric was baptized! Her name is Neeby (pronouced Navy). But she's way cool too. Just a 9 year old girl, but she was really happy with her baptism.
And lastly, The Zambrano Family was baptized. That was probably the best baptism of the weekend. They are an amazing family. We really had to work hard to get them baptized. There were a lot of obstacles that kept coming up, but finally everything came through. And the whole family was baptized! The dad, mom, son and daughter; a whole family that can make it to the temple to be sealed in a year. I really love the people I get a chance to teach here.

The only thing that put a damper on this weekend was that it was raining. And because of the rain some of our converts couldn't make it to church to be confirmed. So that was sad. But in 2 weeks they'll get confirmed now. So we've had a bit of rain and a bit of heat (it's super hot today!) Like 108 degrees outside. Needless to say I have sweat a ton today. But life is good.
Oh and the other pictures are of a birthday of a recent convert family we had and then a FHE activity with the Zambrano Family. Enjoy!

Elder Joshua Lee

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