Monday, March 10, 2014

The Matador

Dear Family,
So I believe I should be arriving home Tuesday, June 3rd. I don't know at what time though. They should probably give me all the details in a month or two. So it looks like I'll be home for a couple days and then get to travel again. And you just got me super excited about the trip to California to see a baseball game. Tell dad that that is like the first thing I want to do when I get home. It would be awesome that same night to go to a Dbacks game. I miss baseball. But it sounds like it'll be a fun summer. And how long are Amanda and Nicole going to be in Tonga? That's like way far away... Cool stuff.

So you just gave me a lot of information there. And I always laugh at the Ben stories and at your lack of enthusiasm for golf haha. Everything is going well here in Ecuador. We just had changes today and my companion finished his mission and is going home tomorrow. I have now gotten the reputation as the matador (or the killer) here in the mission because they say you "kill" someone when you are their last companion before they go home. And I have now "killed" 3 missionaries which is a lot. But I was happy and sad with the changes. I am very happy because my new companion is Elder Schneider!!! He is a missionary from my same group. We met over a year and a half ago in the MTC in Peru and now we are companions. He's an awesome guy and I'm way excited for this change. I've wanted to be with someone from my group my whole mission and now I finally am. But I am sad because this probably means that I won't finish my mission here. I will most likely have to spent my last transfer in another sector because Elder Schneider and I are going home together. But I guess I'll get over it.
This week was fun. My last companion, Elder Plua, pretty much spent it saying goodbye to everyone. I took a lot of pictures, but sadly my camera almost got lost and is now in the offices in Quito. We'll see how soon they can get it back out to me. But when I get it I will be sure and send all the pictures we took. For now, here are a couple pictures off of my companion's camera. This is us with all the zone leaders at the leaders council with President Ghent. And the other picture is our zone before we had transfers.
Oh and last week one of the Senior Missionaries called me from the office asking which airport I'd be flying into. That was a trunkey phone call haha. I told her Sky Harbor airport. So I will be flying there. But in like 3 months still. Life is good. I love being a missionary. And I am going to work hard until the end. I love you all soo much and have an amazing week and spring break!


Elder Joshua Lee

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