Monday, March 17, 2014

Planning for Life after the Mission

Dear Fam and Friends,

I've gotten Christmas packages!! Sorry for not letting you know! I got one from you and one from Grandma and Grandpa Johnson and one from Grandma and Grandpa Pope and one from the Hills. Awesome packages and thanks sooo much to everyone!!!!!!! It was nice getting some later because it has made the goodies last longer.
Well life is good here in Ecuador. This week I was feeling a bit down and stressed out because I felt like we were losing some of our investigators. We had an awesome family that wasn't as excited when we visited them and didn't go to church yesterday. But things got better when we went to visit them after church. We got there and the wife was reading the Book of Mormon and was pretty happy. She had just been feeling a little down because her husband doesn't want to get baptized yet. So we are going to keep helping them and hopefully get the whole family baptized together, or at least baptize the mom and kids for now. And we also got a couple of referrals from recent converts this week which was nice. I'm feeling better now.
I think the stress is combined with the stress of having to pick BYU classes soon. I'm still not sure what I want to study and I have to pick my classes on March 31st. I'll plan classes on MyMap on the BYU website and if you could register for them at midnight on March 31st that would be great. 
But otherwise things are going well. I'm still trying to stay focused on missionary work and why I'm here. I can figure out life later. Here are some pictures from like a couple weeks ago. I finally got my camera back so I can send them now. These are pictures of a convert family I visited in Quito and when I went to crepes and waffles with Elder Nelson. Delicious!! Enjoy!

Elder Joshua Lee

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